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Deciding to divorce or separate is rarely easy. Concerns about how the divorce may affect your property and finances can increase the emotional stress. If you have children, the potential impact of divorce or separation on them is an additional source of concern. Our family law attorneys recognize these crucial priorities and work diligently to achieve the outcomes you need.

Holmes Diggs is a team of trusted family attorneys committed to the sole purpose of securing your future. Our team works tirelessly, from our numerous locations in the State of Texas. Since we have offices in Dallas and Houston, we can serve you locally inclusive of Denton, Frisco and Houston.

We are committed to empowering our clients to resolve difficult issues effectively. By applying our experience and ingenuity to address our clients’ legal concerns, we bring a unique and fresh approach to family law.

Whether you are looking for help with your child custody, alimony, child support, adoption, restraining order, or other family law matter, our skilled advocates will craft creative legal solutions and work tirelessly on your behalf.

If you want to get started, call right now or fill out the contact form on our website. During the initial consultation, you can speak to one of our attorneys and learn more about our law firm. We provide remarkable customer service, and strive to achieve great results for each and every client.

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Holmes Diggs, PLLC is one of the largest law firms in Texas devoted to the practice of family law.

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Our family law firm has a true passion for excellence. Learn more about the attorneys at HDE

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We excel all legal aspects of marriage and family relationships

Family law is a broad term that encompasses all issues involved marriage and family context. This includes areas of practice such as Divorce, Child Custody and Support Issues, Premarital and Postmarital Agreements, International Divorces or Family Law and Estate Planning. Our firm deals with all legal aspects of marriage and family relationships on a daily basis.



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In recognition of its excellence and experience, Holmes Diggs, PLLC has been included in the Martindale-Hubbell® Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers every year since 1996.


Holmes Diggs, PLLC, was listed in Best Lawyers in America, by Woodward White, Inc., in 2017.


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Flipping Primary Custody at Temporary Orders Hearing in a Modification

After filing a modification case with the Court, but before the Court makes its final decision whether to modify the previous custody order, the Court must decide what will happen during this interim period. This period is governed by the “Temporary Orders.” Changing or flipping primary custody at temporary orders in a modification case can
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Something I often hear from a parent is, “I want full custody of my child.” In response, I ask, “What does ‘full custody’ mean to you?” The Texas Family Code addresses custody of a child in three different ways: (1) whether a parent has the ability to make decisions related to the child, (2) when
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