“Mr. Harding is an excellent attorney that I would highly recommend! He spent a lot of time on my case, and kept me informed of all new events, even though he had other cases to work on at the same time. He did a wonderful job of handling the opposing party and keeping things on track. He was great at keeping me focused on the end result and helped me put things into perspective. He was friendly and calm even when I was not, but knew when it was time to not be nice. He fought hard for me in court and was my voice during a very stressful time. In the end, I got everything I wanted and then some. I had 2 other attorneys and spoke to several others before hiring Mr. Harding, and they all told me that what I was asking for was not even possible. Yet, Mr. Harding and his hard work proved them all wrong! He is an excellent attorney to have on your side and I will use him again for any future problems that may arise.”

Chris J. Harding